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Porous Metal Filters Inc.’s SinterPore® laminate is presented in a number of applications and is present in many of our day to day activities. From to the fuel we put in our vehicles, to the lights that power our homes to the food that we eat to the medicines that we take and to the plastics that package them. SinterPore® filtration products are always present.

Some features and benefits that set PMF SinterPore® laminate apart from filtration medias are:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mechanical strength
  • Fixed pore geometry
  • Controlled performance
  • Thermal and electrical properties
  • Ability to be fabricated

Fluidizing Media

Hi-Perm and Lo-Perm medias are ideal choice for fluidized material handling.

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Oil and Gas

PMF offers a broad range (micron ratings from 40 to 600) of premium metal-mesh sand control screen options...

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Power Generation

Designed to optimize filtration system performance providing low differential pressures and high collapse strength.

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SinterPore® Filter Element cartridges are designed to meet heavy-duty industrial and chemical process conditions.

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