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Porous Metal Filter’s SinterPore® laminate can be fabricated much like sheet metal, in a number of shapes and sizes from simple discs to complex conical assemblies. PMF has a fully functional fabrication shop in house with state of the art equipment and an experienced and knowledgeable staff, allowing us to service all of your porous media needs. PMF manufactures products to the highest current industry standard, certified to meet ISO 9001.


Laminating capability of 1 to 1500 layers. Standard sheets sizes are 18”x48”, 20”x48”, & 24”x48”. Maximum panel size with no weld is 40”x48”. Maximum width is 120” with welds, and the lengths are unlimited.



State of the art technology for welding porous metal materials, available in TIG and Plasma.



Extensive range of punching capabilities, with a large inventory of dies in many shapes and sizes. Custom shapes and sizes available upon request.



Capability to form pleated elements, cones, and simple cylinders, diameters ranging from .375” to 20”, and lengths available up to 48” long in a single tube, longer lengths available with additional weld joints.


Available up to 500’ in length and up to 60” wide +/- 0.020”




PMF has a full range of testing capabilities including: Tensile, strauss, Alloy, Permeability, and more.

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