Four Common Sand Control Screen Types

As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency filters, we have a deep understanding of the applications of sintered metal fiber-felt laminates at Porous Metal Filters. Our products are used across a variety of industries where filtration efficiency and dirt-holding capacity are essential. In this article, we will explore four common uses of sintered metal fiber-felt laminates and why they are the preferred choice for high-efficiency filters. If you want to learn more about the other products we offer or would like to request a quote, contact us today to get started.

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Metal Mesh Screens

Metal mesh screens are durable and effective in sand control applications. They feature a woven metal mesh, usually stainless steel, that acts as a barrier to sand while allowing fluid flow. The precise weaving of the mesh ensures superior sand retention and optimal flow rates. With various sizes available, metal mesh screens can be customized to specific well conditions and sand control needs.

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Wire Wrap Screens

Wire wrap screens consist of wire wrapped around a perforated pipe, creating small slots for fluid flow and preventing sand entry. They provide strength, resist plugging, and are ideal for challenging sand control situations. Customizable slot sizes and open area percentages enable effective sand control tailored to reservoir conditions.

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Premium Mesh Screens

Premium mesh screens merge the benefits of metal mesh and wire wrap screens. With a multi-layer design comprising an outer woven metal mesh layer and an inner wire wrap layer, these screens offer superior sand retention and optimal flow performance. Their enhanced durability and resistance to erosion make them the perfect choice for high-pressure and high-temperature wells, addressing sand production concerns effectively.

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Prepacked Screens

Prepacked screens feature a wire wrap screen surrounded by a gravel pack of uniform sand particles. With dual sand control mechanisms, they retain larger particles with the wire wrap screen and filter out finer sand with the gravel pack. These screens offer effective sand retention, high flow rates, and minimize production risks associated with sand production, ensuring optimal well performance.

Choosing the right sand control screen is crucial for maximizing production and safeguarding oil and gas assets. The availability of sand control screens such as metal mesh screens, wire wrap screens, premium mesh screens, and prepacked screens from Porous Metal Filters (PMF) provides tailored solutions for various sand control challenges. To learn more about our sand control screen options and how they can enhance your production efficiency, contact us today. Discover the power of effective sand control and secure the success of your oil and gas projects.

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