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Over the years, our team at Porous Metal Filters has acquired a vast inventory of punching dyes in all manners of shapes and sizes. We even have the capability to provide custom shapes and sizes upon request to meet your specific needs. When you need accurate, professional-grade metal cutouts, Porous Metal Filters is the team you can trust. Learn more about our metal punching services and reach out to us today to get started.


Why work with the professionals at Porous Metal Filters for your metal punching needs?

  • We have a large selection of dyes to choose from
  • We have a wide range of metal punching capabilities to meet any need
  • We are a Top Rated National® metal punching service
  • We offer more than 120 years of combined experience in the metal fabrication industry
  • We can provide custom metal punching dyes upon request

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Metal Punching

Metal Punching Services

Metal punching at Porous Metal Filters is a metal fabrication service that consists of a punch entering a die in order to create a very specific, precise, and clean hole in the metal you are working with. Learn more about our metal punching process and capabilities by contacting us today.