Get Cleaner, Kerf-Free Cuts.


At Porous Metal Filters, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment to bring you expert metal shearing and metal slitting services. When you need precise, clean cuts for your sheet metal or metal coils, we are the team you can rely on. Reach out to us today for pricing and to learn more about our metal shearing and metal slitting services.


There are various benefits of metal shearing and metal slitting. Working with our team at Porous Metal Filters for metal shearing is beneficial because:

  • You get a straighter, cleaner, more precise cut
  • There are no chips formed, burns, or melting of the metal in the process
  • Our process leaves you with little to no kerf, minimizing your material waste
  • Metal shearing is a cost-effective and efficient process
  • The metal shearing and metal slitting process offers highly adaptable and customizable size options

For more information or for a metal shearing and metal slitting quote, reach out to our team at Porous Metal Filters now.

Metal Shearing and Metal Slitting

The metal shearing process is relatively simple and straightforward. There is an upper and lower blade that is adjusted to account for the length of the material required. Once the measurements are set, one metal-shearing blade pushes past the other to precisely fracture the metal in one clean movement.

Porous Metal Filters can handle metal slitting and metal sintering projects up to 500’ in length and 60” in width (+/- 0.020”). Contact us for your metal shearing services.