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Here at Porous Metal Filters, we have a full metal fabrication shop that allows us to provide high-quality metal sintering and laminating services. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years and our team has collective experience of over 120 years! So you know that our team at Porous Metal Filters can get the job done. Whatever size, however many layers, we’re up for the task. Work with our team for premium metal sintering services today!


Why choose Porous Metal Filters for your metal sintering services? At Porous Metal Filters, we offer:

  • More than 120 years of collective team experience
  • Top Rated National® services
  • Versatile manufacturing capabilities
  • Reliable products for a variety of industries
  • The industry-leading SINTERPORE® brand

Learn why our team at Porous Metal Filters is the go-to for all things metal sintering by contacting us today!

Metal Sintering

Here at Porous Metal Filters, our metal laminating services are capable of laminating anywhere between 1 and 1,500 layers upon client request. Our standard sheet sizes are 18”x48”, 20”x48”, and 24”x48”. However, the maximum panel size we work with for sintered metal with no welding is 40”x48”. The maximum width is 120” with no welds and there is no limit for length. Feel free to contact us with any questions and work with us for your sintered metal services!

Laminating capability of 1 to 1500 layers. Standard sheets sizes are 18”x48”, 20”x48”, & 24”x48”. Maximum panel size with no weld is 40”x48”. Maximum width is 120” with welds, and the lengths are unlimited.