SinterPore® porous metal diffusion bonded laminates are comprised of porous metal materials including but not limited to; wire mesh, fiber felt, photo-etched foils, perforated materials, powders and more.

What is diffusion bonding (sintering)?

Solid state diffusion bonding (sintering) is a process by which bonding of porous materials takes place at their tangent surfaces via time, pressure ,temperature and controlled atmosphere without the use of bonding agents and/or filler material. With precision controlled process variables the bonds of the newly created monolithic porous metal structure will have the strength and ductility equal to or greater than the parent materials.

Why diffusion bond (sinter) porous materials?

Enhanced mechanical properties:

  • The chief benefit of Diffusion Bonding is the ability to bond multiple layers creating a monolithic structure with greater strength for enhanced collapse and burst pressure.
  • Rigidity, strength, resistance to creep & stretch, resistance to abrasion and puncture.
  • Greater strength permits high pressure backwashing.
  • Non-compressible fixed pore geometry.
  • Uniformly solution annealed condition resulting in improved tensile and thermal/electrical conductivities.
  • Reduced internal stress resulting in improved formability and more precision parts.