4 Ways To Use Sintered Wire Cloth Laminate

At Porous Metal Filters, Inc (PMF), we specialize in providing high-quality sintered wire cloth laminates that are designed for precise, controlled porosity and uniform pore sizes. Our SinterPore® porous metal filter products are constructed from multiple layers of stainless wire mesh and are bonded under precise diffusion bonding conditions to create robust, monolithic materials. Keep reading to learn about four ways to use our sintered wire cloth laminate in various applications.


Industrial Filtration

Our standard 5-layer SinterPore laminates are ideal for industrial filtration applications. Whether it's removing impurities from liquids or gases, our sintered wire mesh filters provide excellent filtration capabilities. With their controlled porosity and uniform pore sizes, they ensure efficient and reliable filtration, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical process, and polymer filtration.


Bulk Powder Handling

For bulk powder handling, our standard 2- and 3-layer SinterPore® fluidizing laminates are the go-to choice. These laminates are tailored to meet specific permeability and flow rate requirements, making them perfect for use in bulk powder handling systems. Their durability and non-compressible nature ensure consistent performance, allowing for smoother powder flow and preventing clogging or blockages.


Aerospace Transpiration Cooling

The aerospace industry relies on advanced cooling systems to ensure the efficient operation of various components. Our sintered wire cloth laminate is an ideal material for aerospace transpiration cooling applications. With their high heat and wear resistance, our laminates can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions encountered in aerospace environments. Their inherent cleanability and reusability also make them a cost-effective choice for this demanding application.


Pharmaceutical Filtration

In the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring product purity and meeting stringent regulatory requirements is essential. Our 5-layer SinterPore laminates provide excellent filtration for both liquids and gases in pharmaceutical applications. With their fine pore sizes and exceptional particle retention capabilities, our sintered mesh filters effectively remove contaminants, ensuring product quality and safety.

The versatility and reliability of our SinterPore sintered wire cloth laminates make them valuable solutions in a wide range of applications. Whether you need industrial filtration, bulk powder handling, aerospace transpiration cooling, or pharmaceutical filtration, PMF provides high-quality sintered wire mesh filters that deliver exceptional performance. Contact PMF today to discover how our sintered wire cloth laminates can benefit your specific application.